Skills Available

To produce double curvature body panels using the traditional skills

Hammer Forms
Using resin moulds taken from original panels and stretching the material into the mould by jig chasing and wheeling

Gas Welding
Used to fabricate panels, steel and aluminium

MIG Welding
Mainly used on thicker material or in areas where little heat is required

Spot Welding
Welding two metals together with copper electrodes to form a spot. Most modern day cars are formed this way

TIG Welding
A modern and versatile technique used for welding steels and aluminium of various thicknesses

Metal Finishing
From knocking dents out, to plnishing welds using hammers and hand weights by stretching the material

Tool Making
Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings to produce small soft tooling for prototypes and small batch work

Checking Fixtures
Making fixtures to ensure that the components are produced to the tolerance provided

Producing Brackets
Working from drawings to produce brackets and other components, or from sample parts